The Ten Best Drug Rehab Centers In Alaska

The Ten Best Drug Rehab Centers In Alaska

Alaska is often considered one of the most remote parts of our country and with good reason. It is separated from the rest of the nation and has high levels of cold, snow, and some of the most unique wildlife in the land. It also has one of the highest levels of alcohol and drug addiction. Due to the cold and the frequent periods of darkness, residents here often suffer from depression that they attempt to self medicate with drugs or alcohol.

As such, it’s important that residents of Alaska know where they can turn for help. Alaska does have numerous inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers including some very good ones. Finding the best drug rehab centers in Alaska is possible if you know what to look for, which is why we’re presenting this list.


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These are ten of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska, selected based on accreditation, treatment effectiveness, patient recovery rates, patient reviews, and more.

One – Nugen’s Ranch

Nugen’s Ranch Best Alaska Drug Rehab

Located in Wasilla and sitting on 116 acres of farmland, this facility actually blends the farm work with the recovery process, making it one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska. Gardening and caring for animals are included as work therapy, and a blend of nutrition, counseling, and creative pursuits are used to help patients recover. Additionally, counselors actually help patients create a plan for potential relapse and to prevent it from happening after leaving the facility.

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Two – Set Free Alaska

Set Free Alaska Best Drug Rehab

This facility uses a treatment approach rooted in Christian values. It’s located in Palmer and uses a combination of assessment, counseling, and education to help patients make a full recovery from their addiction. As one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska, it also offers numerous assistance programs for American Indians and native Alaskans including vouchers to reduce overall costs.

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Three – ARCH

Adolescent Residential Center For Help Alaska Best Drug Rehab

Located in Eagle River, the Adolescent Residential Center For Help (ARCH for short) is among the best drug rehab centers in Alaska for teens from 13 to 18 years of age. Programs are varied in length depending on individual needs, and treatment includes all manners of counseling as well as ongoing support for mental health and physical wellbeing. Education is continued during a teen’s stay at the facility, and sports, art, music, and outdoor pursuits are available for patients as well.

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Four – Genesis Recovery

Genesis Recovery is located in Anchorage and is a residential treatment facility that also has outpatient treatment and even sober living homes. It blends social, mental, and physical recovery aspects to create a unique treatment method for every patient. And since it creates an individualized treatment path for every patient, it stands out as one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska for those looking for long-term recovery from addiction.

Learn More About Genesis Recovery Here

Five – Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium/ Ravens Way

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Best Alaska Drug Rehab

Located in Sitka, this is a facility focused on providing teen addiction treatment for younger patients. It uses holistic rehabilitation and a short-term approach to help patients recover. Education is continued during a teen’s stay, helping them get their life back on track. Additionally, a focus on finding the root cause of the addiction and the mental health issues that may have an impact will be the focus of counseling sessions.

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Six – Ralph Perdue Center

Ralph Perdue Center Best Drug Rehab Alaska

Stays here average 45 days, and the facility is run by the Fairbanks Native Association in Fairbanks, Alaska. The facility focuses on treatment for natives and American Indians, with a unique focus on spirituality and cultural identity that blends counseling, therapy, anger management, and more. Outpatient treatment is also provided to help those who leave the program continue getting the help that they need, ensuring that this program is high on the list of best drug rehab centers in Alaska.

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Seven – Tanana Chiefs Alcohol Program

Tanana Chiefs Alcohol Rehab Alaska

Located in Dot Lake, this is a program that focuses on individual counseling, native culture, and traditional values. Each of these components is combined with things like fishing, hunting, and gathering firewood along with counseling and therapy. This creates a more unique approach to recovery and helps the facility stand out as being one of the absolute best drug rehab centers in Alaska.

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Eight – Ernie Turner Center

Ernie Turner Center Best Alaska Drug Rehab

This Anchorage facility uses a model they refer to as a “Village of Care”. It is a six-month long-term program that uses therapy and counseling along with a focus on bringing residents together as a community. Additionally, pursuits like arts and crafts, horseback riding, carving, hiking, music, and more are all used to create a more interesting and effective approach to treatment for addicts. And with its fitness center and sweat lodge, this is certainly one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska.

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Nine – Bill Brady Healing Center

Bill Brady Healing Center Best Alaska Rehab

Located in Sitka, this is one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska for men and women. It offers short-term inpatient treatment of up to 30 days and uses holistic rehabilitation approaches to help patients’ recovery. Additionally, it provides treatment for pregnant women. Patients will receive treatment focused on helping them recover from their addiction as well as tools and resources to help them return to society after leaving the center.

Note: Bill Brady Healing Center is currently closed.

Ten – Rainforest Recovery Center

Rainforest Recovery Center Best Alaska Rehab

Located in Juneau, this facility stands out as one of the best drug rehab centers in Alaska by helping residents master coping skills and a tiered level of care. Residents gradually step down in their level of care until they are able to leave the facility, and a dialectical behavior therapy model is delivered to ensure greater success rates at addiction recovery. Emotional support, counseling, and group therapy are all used to help ensure recovery.

Learn More About Rainforest Recovery Center Here

These ten facilities are among the best drug rehab centers in Alaska, and each of them offers addicts the chance to pick up the pieces of their life and conquer their addiction. There are facilities located throughout Alaska, and finding the right one is the first step towards a brighter future and a happier overall life for those struggling with addiction issues.