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Signs Teen Using Drugs

7 Signs Your Teen Is Taking Drugs

Drug use is a serious problem that affects many young people, and it’s understandably a major cause for concern for any parent. It can also be a particularly delicate subject to bring up with teenage kids, so knowing exactly what to look out for can help to prevent any unnecessary conflicts. It’s important to note […]

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Teen Alcohol Use

Facts About Teen Alcohol Use All Parents Should Know

In a recent study, the CDC found that alcohol is the most commonly used drug in the United States today, even more than tobacco or illicit substances. Drinking is also responsible for 4,700 preventable teen deaths every year. Even though underage drinking is illegal in this country, teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 20 […]

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Teen Drug Use Risk

4 Parenting Mistakes That Can Contribute to Teen Drug Abuse Risk

Often, blame for the problem of teen drug use is directed toward the parents. This might seem unfair considering that even the most responsible and doting parents can be blindsided by the discovery of their children’s addiction; however, studies indicate that the quality of life at home does contribute significantly to teens’ drug abuse risk. […]

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