The Ten Best Drug Rehab Centers In Alabama

The Ten Best Drug Rehab Centers In Alabama

Alabama is home to more than 4.8 million people, and among them are those who are struggling with dependency issues. Luckily, the state is also home to numerous drug rehab centers that offer a chance for addicts to reclaim their life. There are several options for treatment, and finding the right one is important. Here is a look at ten of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama. The list of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama is chosen based on a wide range of factors including patient success rates, treatment effectiveness, accreditation, and more. All of them have helped people conquer their addiction.


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One – The Reprieve

The Reprieve Best Alabama Rehab

Located in Opelika Alabama, the Reprieve is a rehab program that has a strong focus on community, self, and spirituality. It is a men’s only facility and uses a year-long program for recovery that makes it one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama. During the initial six months of treatment, men overcome addiction using personal growth, training in fundamental life skills, and building better positive relationships. The second six months are devoted to helping the patients return to the community by using volunteering and career resources.

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Two – Right Path

Right Path Best Alabama Rehab

Right Path is a luxury rehab program that combines amenities not found in some of the other best drug rehab centers in Alabama with direct treatment. Programs can last 30, 60, or 90 days and will include therapy, counseling, and other standard treatment options along with activities like yoga, meditation, kayaking, hiking, and more. All of this is done in a high-quality, luxury facility that ensures that patients are comfortable as they go through their treatment. There are facilities located in Mobile and Birmingham, making the program more accessible as well.

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Three – Rapha Treatment Center

Rapha Treatment Center Best Alabama Rehab

State certified and non-profit, Rapha Treatment Center uses rehab programs that have strong Christian values throughout, helping blend faith with recovery. It is a men-only facility with 54 beds, and treatment programs can be up to one year in length. The center uses a phased program with different steps along the way to ensure total recovery from addiction and is located in Attalla, Alabama.

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Four – Fellowship House

Fellowship House Best Alabama Rehab

Located in Birmingham, Fellowship House is a medium intensity recovery program that can be conducted in a variety of lengths of stay, dependent upon patient needs. Treatment includes a wide range of things including group and individual counseling sessions, education, medication, and more. Vocational training is also used to help reintroduce patients back into society, making this one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama by helping ensure all aspects of recovery.

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Five – A Reprieve For Women

A Reprieve For Women Best Alabama Rehab

A sister program of the first center on this list, A Reprieve For Women is a women-only program that focuses on creating a safe environment for women recovering from addiction. Using a 12-step program, this facility builds self-esteem and gives women education on things like money management, career opportunities, decision-making skills, and more. Programs are one year in length overall, with a 6-month focus on recovery itself followed by six months spent focusing on community integration. It’s one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama for women, and well worth considering.

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Six – Elk River Treatment

Elk River Treatment Best Alabama Rehab

Found in Huntsville Alabama, Elk River Treatment is one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama – but it is different in that it is focused entirely on teenage addicts from 12 to 18 years of age. The facility focuses not only on helping patients recover from their drug and alcohol addiction, but on the root causes and mental health issues that can contribute to those problems. The program helps provide teens with coping skills and also uses an in-facility academic program to help patients continue their education during their stay in the facility.

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Seven – CED Fellowship House

CED Fellowship Services Best Alabama Rehab

This residential facility provides services only to male patients. CED Fellowship House is one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama, but also smaller, offering only enough room for 20 patients at a time. Clients must be approved for admission by a professional psychiatrist, and a percentage of the patient’s income is used to pay for their stay. The program offers a full range of treatment including counseling and guidance on overcoming addiction.

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Eight – Olivia’s House

Olivias House Best Alabama Rehab

Standing out as one of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama for mothers, Olivias House is a residential treatment facility only for women, and it allows children up to age ten to continue living with their mothers while they stay in this Birmingham facility. While there, mothers will receive therapy, parental training, life skills education, and care while children receive full medical care. Childcare services are available on site as well.

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Nine – Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes Rehab Best Alabama Rehab.jpg

Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare is located in Guntersville and is designed for those who need to recover from their addiction while also getting skills in life, career, and social interactions. One of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama, this facility actually includes community involvement with the treatment plan and provides education, counseling, and support to families of those who are impacted by addiction while also treating the patient themselves. The overall goal of Mountain Lakes is to ensure that the patient can live a healthy, drug-free life outside of the facility.

Ten – The Haven

The Haven Rehab Best Alabama Rehab

Located in Dothan, Alabama, this facility is run by SpectraCare Health Systems. It is a facility for men as well as women, and includes 12 step programs, family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, education, and recreation. The facility is open to men and women, but as space is limited there is a preference given to those who are IV drug users as well as to pregnant women struggling with substance abuse problems.

These are ten of the best drug rehab centers in Alabama, each of which offers professional care as well as rehabilitation services that are designed to free patients from drug and alcohol addiction while also giving them the skills needed to become functioning members of society. Any of the options above can help patients reclaim their life – and their future.