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Teens Using Ketamine

A Deadly Trend: Teens Using Ketamine

Ketamine is a strong anesthetic drug, usually sold in liquid or powdered form. Ketamine is predominately used in veterinary surgical procedures like spaying or neutering pets. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, individuals aged 12 to 25 accounted for 74 percent of the ketamine emergency department mentions in the United States in 2000 – […]

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opioid epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic Facing The United States

Is anyone taking the opioid epidemic in the United States seriously? The news is full of gun-violence stories, with an average of 36 people dead from gunshot wounds every day (including murders, accidental shootings, and suicides). However, the daily death toll from opioid overdose is almost four times as high as that from gun deaths, […]

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