Allentown Pennsylvania Drug Rehab

Allentown Pennsylvania Drug Treatment Center and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect any person regardless of race, gender or class. It causes devastating conditions for both the addict and those close to the addict. Lives have been ruined as a result of a severe substance addiction yet it can be treated. Addiction treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania incorporate the best methods of treatment including outpatient and inpatient programs that can work for nearly any individual. Individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) do not have to go through the tough situations that addiction causes alone; treatment is available via addiction treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania.

What is substance abuse and addiction?

There are many people that believe that an addict simply lacks the willpower and motivation to stop using drugs and alcohol. Research by various government institutions such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that this is not the case. There are multitudes of factors that can cause a person to have a higher risk of becoming an addict. These factors can make a person more susceptible to an addiction but it does not mean that a person is definitely going to become an addict. Addiction is a maladaptive, complex disease that requires addiction therapy to rectify not just good intentions and will. Addiction treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania can assist addicts in their recovery from the debilitating disease.
Addiction forms as a result of a person abusing substances over a long period, eventually leading to changes in the brain that can make it difficult to stop. Cravings and other withdrawal symptoms can make an individual feel trapped in the cycle of addiction, even when they want to stop. The initial decision to try drugs or alcohol may be a choice but eventually, the person can feel powerless to stop. For example, a person abusing an opiate such as heroin that affects the reward areas of the brain overload the system over time. The production of endorphins and serotonin, the chemicals that make a person feel good, become impaired and can even shut down in extreme cases. This leads to the person being unable to feel pleasure without the abuse of heroin or another opiate.
A mental addiction can form as a result of a person using a substance to reduce stress and improve their mood. In these cases, the person often lacks the correct coping skills they need to deal with life’s stressors and alcohol or drugs become the way that they deal with issues in their life. The brain learns that the substance can assist them, even if it has negative consequences, and the person ends up needing the substance in their everyday life.
A physical addiction can be dealt with through a detox that allows for the toxins to leave the body and normal function to return. In both a mental and physical addiction, a patient is required to attend therapy to discover the issues and triggers that caused them to become addicted to substances.

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How big of a problem is addiction in Allentown Pennsylvania?

According to a White House drug control update, 7 percent of the residents of Pennsylvania used an illicit drug in a given month. This is lower than the national average, which is 8 percent, but it is still a concern. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that around 1,800 people died because of drug overdose in Pennsylvania, which is more than the amount of deaths from motor vehicle accidents in the state (1,604).

What are the most abused drugs in the state?

Heroin is the number one concern facing the region with reports showing that over 7,000 people were admitted into rehab centers in Pennsylvania. Marijuana or cannabis is the second highest abused drug in the area with over 6,000 people going into addiction treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania and surrounding cities. Other opiates such as morphine and prescription painkillers accounted for over 4,000 admissions. Cocaine, a stimulant, saw roughly 3,600 admissions to drug treatment centers, making it the fourth most abused substance in the region.  

Addiction treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania

Allentown offers a variety of professional treatment centers for addicts that need assistance with their substance abuse problem. The programs that they offer are certified and offer some of the best care that addicts need to make a full recovery from a mild to a severe addiction.
The following are some of the treatment centers in Allentown Pennsylvania:

  • Habit OPCO Allentown The primary focus of this institute is on inpatient programs. These programs require a person to reside within the facility while they undergo treatment. They offer both 30-day or fewer programs and over 30-day programs. Outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are also on offer. Methadone treatment for opiate abuse is among their most preferred program at this facility
  • Horsham Clinic This facility has inpatient and outpatient programs. They also offer partial hospitalization programs. They have a number of programs that are 30 days or less as well as long-term residential care that lasts for more than 30 days. Horsham Clinic offers detoxification programs to help people deal with withdrawal symptoms in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Step By Step This rehab center has been in operation for more than 35 years and has provided many patients with quality drug and alcohol treatment care. They offer day programs for adults, residential care in the form of inpatient programs and outpatient services for drug and alcohol addiction. One of the unique aspects of the center is that they provide a mobile treatment option for people with disabilities so that they can also receive treatment for substance addiction.

Additionally, support group meetings are held throughout the region for recovering individuals who are serious about the long-term recovery as addiction is an often-relapsing disease. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings held in areas including Philadelphia, Harrisburg and New York City offer people a place to share problems they may be having in recovery and receive support on their journey to a life-long sobriety. Allentown, located in Lehigh County, is the third most populated city in Pennsylvania and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the region. Home to the Liberty Bell housed in the Liberty Bell Museum, the region has a rich culture that can be seen by the many museums and the Baum School of Arts. The climate in Allentown is on average 27.8 °F in the winter and 73 °F in the summer.
Addiction to substances can be one of the hardest things a person has to deal with in their life. Fortunately, they are not alone in their recovery. Many people have fully recovered from severe addictions, through the help of professionals, and went on to lead satisfying lives that added to their community. If you feel that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and need to find treatment, call today to schedule a meeting. Finding help for a loved one is equally easy. An intervention can be arranged with the help of rehab centers in the area that can make the addict see that they need help and provide them with the assistance they require to recover from their drug or alcohol addiction.